With the new Privacy Laws in Canada, we are only able to give out information or arrange bookings for the members listed on the. RHG Vacation Club Membership. RHG Vacation Club Membership has 2 members per file. Please do not have other parties contact us regarding your program or to book. 

I Have Paid My Usage Fee

 Now What?

You have 2 options to use your week.

  • 1. Book your week at RHG Vacation Club @ Georgian Bay Resort. Since you don’t own a specific week, we encourage you to pay early and get your request in early. Prime Season inventory is very limited and we recommend that you contact us early (at least 500 days in advance for Prime Weeks -Summer, Christmas, New Year’s, Family Day and March Break). These weeks will fill up at least 365 days in advance. All bookings are done on a first come, first serve basis and based on availability.
  • 2. Deposit your week into an exchange company. When depositing a week, you will get a 1, 2- or 3-bedroom unit per your personal contract, THE QUICKER YOU PAY FOR YOUR WEEK; THE QUICKER YOU CAN REQUEST YOUR WEEK TO BE DEPOSITED! RESULTING IN HIGHER TRADING POWER.

I have decided what I want to do with my week

 How Do I Request It?

You must send your request in writing or through our online form.

Submit Your Written Request

1. Click this link to go to our online RHG Vaction Club Booking Form, fill out the information and submit once completed.

2. Download our RHG Vacation Request Form Here. and mail it back to us at: RHG Vacation Club, 10 Vacation Inn Dr., Collingwood, Ontario, L9Y 5G4

3. Email [email protected] with your Membership number, let us know if you would like to deposit your week or book at your home resort and the dates you would like to book.


If Club Services has not responded in a timely manner (2 weeks if request is mailed or 72 business hours if submitted online), we may not have received your request and therefore we ask that you follow-up with us.

Club Services will email you availability. The email will contain unit information and the dates. If you confirm the dates please note the following:

All Confirmations are final. There are no date alterations or cancellation privileges unless previously agreed upon in writing between Club Services and the Member. Units are not being assigned until 1 week prior to check-in. We cannot guarantee a specific unit or location and not all units have the same layout and/or amenities. We cannot guarantee bed configurations.

Please note if the person named on the confirmation is not checking-in OR if you are checking out mid-stay and a guest is checking-in, you must purchase a Guest Certificate $89 plus applicable taxes. Members will be held responsible for any damages caused by the Guest. The week which has been confirm is not to be used for commercial use. If it is used for commercial uses, penalties will be applied to the member account up to an unlimited amount determine by the Management at Georgian Bay Hotel.

Once you confirm the date, the size of unit and if pay any applicable fees, Club Services will email your confirmation within 14 business days.

4-5 days prior to check-in you will receive an email with your unit Assignment and general information about your upcoming stay.

Please note: There is no more energy surcharge for members who have booked directly through Club Services.[/fusion_text]


GUEST CERTIFICATES If the member (those listed on the RHG Vacation Club Contract) is not checking-in please notify Club Services immediately. A guest certificate may apply – $89 + HST.

CANCELLATION POLICIES All Confirmation are final. There are no date alterations or cancellation privileges unless previously agreed upon in writing between Club Services and the Member. Depending on the situation we may ask you to provide documentation and move your week to another date at the full discretion of Club Services.

IS THERE ANY INFORMATION I NEED TO KNOW FOR MY UPCOMING VACATION. If you have any special requirements during your stay please let us know 7 days prior to arrival. We will try to accommodate the request. During your stay if you have any issues please contact Club Services at 1-888-377-6999.  Club Services will be able to address any concerns or direct you to the right department during your stay.

GBH CONFIRMATION Please ensure that you bring your confirmation with you and present it upon check-in. This will ensure an easy check-in process.

GBH check-in time is 4 PM and check-out time is 11 AM. If you have booked through RCI you will be charged a $100 RCI Resort Fee.

The $100 Resort Service Fee covers Housekeeping (fresh linens and towels upon request), the Energy Surcharge and WiFi. The resort service fee will be charged at the end of your stay.

* A credit card is required to check in for the security deposit and resort fee. GBH does not accept debit cards or visa debit cards or cash.

I am Not Happy with my Trading Power

…Now What?

We start depositing in the beginning of February, at the highest trading power of 18. By the middle of April, the highest trading power we have is 12. In January of the use year we will be at 10-trading power. Please make sure you pay early and deposit early. This is the only way to guarantee high trading power.

If you are on a payment plan your week will not be deposited until the final payment is processed. Your trading power will be reflected by the date of final payment.

As you own at RHG Vacation Club you will receive an RHG Vacation Club @ Georgian Bay Hotel Week or Ocean Manor Resort Week. If you received an Ocean Manor Resort Week it means the trading power for RHG Vacation Club @ GBH is lower than Ocean Manor Resort.

I am banking my week with RCI

…What Happens?

Please note you cannot call RCI and bank your week on your own. RCI does not know what type of membership you own and they may send notifications that you have weeks to deposit. Please check with Club Services to see if you actually have weeks to deposit. DEPOSITS ARE NOT DONE AUTOMATICALLY. Once a use year passes you will lose your week, unless we have extra weeks available to deposit in the use year you are inquiring about.

Once we receive your request to deposit, we will bank your week with RCI. Deposit are done on Tuesday and Friday. Club Services will NOT notify you of completed deposit. RCI sends this notification.

I want to Deposit Outside of RCI?

…Now What?

If you want to deposit a week with ICE, Diamond Resorts or any other exchange company please email club services and we will assign a week to you. Once a confirmation is sent please forward this confirmation to the independent exchange company and they will send us a release.

If you book a specific week and try to deposit it depending on the week, we will deny the deposit as we have certain weeks dedicated for deposits.


If you are not happy with your current program please contact us to discuss the option of retiring your membership completely.

If you have any questions, we are a phone call or email away. We are here to assist you with the following:

  • Pay your maintenance fees
  • Arrange to bank your week
  • Book your week at RHG @ GBH or at OMR or through our wholesale exchange
  • If you have general questions about your membership or you would like more information on how your membership works.
  • Making changes to your membership (switch your program, transfer your program, adding or removing members)