With the new Privacy Laws in Canada, we are only able to give out information or arrange bookings for the members listed on the. RHG Vacation Club Membership. RHG Vacation Club Membership has 2 members per file. Please do not have other parties contact us regarding your program or to book. 


When you became a member of RHG Vacation Club we signed you up with RCI Points.

We now provide them with your annual/bi-ennual point allotment. RCI travels you (including your home resort) with the points RHG supplies to them. In order to have RCI Points you need a home resort.

As an RCI Points Member you:
-have access to nightly stays up to 21 nights per booking.
-are able to take advantage of the 10,000 points or less vacations. (These are weeks resorts booked within 30 days of check-in).

This program offers flexibility to our members.


Please remember you do have an RCI annual fee, if you choose you can become a platinum member which is an extra fee on top of the RCI annual fees. Booking fees vary on how many nights you book.

The points fee is paid directly to RHG Vacation Club. Your invoice will be billed according to the type of membership you have and your anniversary date.

How do I Book Using my Points?

Contact RCI by either going on-line or by calling 1-877-968-7476

To view their fees please go to https://rhgvacationclub.ca/rci-information/

Is there a booking fee at my home resort?

Yes, there will be a booking fee to book at your home resort. Unless you meet the 3 following requirements:

  • 7-night stay with the points inventory. (10,000 points or less vacations do not apply.)
  • booking within your yearly point allotment. If you have 30,000 annual points and you find a vacation for 28,000 annual points you will qualify. HOWEVER if you have 60,000 points in your account and you find a vacation for 32,000 points you will not qualify as your annual point allotment is only 30,000.
  • booking within the booking window which is 10-11 months. You have a home group. Which is the booking window you must apply.


No. You will have to purchase a Guest Certificate through RCI, online or by calling them.  Only the person listed on the RCI Confirmation is able to check-in.

RCI RESORT FEES for RHG Vacation Club @ GBH

When booking through RCI you will be charged an RCI Resort Fee.

The $100 Resort Service Fee covers Housekeeping (fresh linens and towels upon request), the Energy Surcharge and WiFi. The resort service fee will be charged at the end of your stay.

* A credit card is required to check in for the security deposit and resort fee. GBH does not accept debit cards or visa debit cards or cash.

RCI Does Not Have My Dates Available

…Do I Have Any Other Options?

If you want to use your points you do not have any other options. RCI is the only one that can travel you using your points.

If you would like to pay cash you can call club services or email them at [email protected] with dates, location and size of unit requested. Club Services will let you know availability and pricing. Club Services cannot use your points, Full payment at the time of booking is required and non-refundable.

I am Missing Points from my RCI Account

…Who Do I Call?

You must contact RCI directly.

If RCI states that your resort has put a block on your account, contact Club Services to have it removed.


If you are not happy with your current program please contact us to discuss the option of retiring your membership completely.

If you have any questions, we are a phone call or email away. We are here to assist you with the following:

  • Pay your maintenance fees
  • Arrange to bank your week
  • Book your week at RHG @ GBH
  • If you have general questions about your membership or you would like more information on how your membership works.
  • Making changes to your membership (transfer your program, adding or removing members)