BUT  SOMETIMES LIFE CHANGES…Now may be a good time for you to take Advantage of our RETIREMENT OFFER.

Download the Retirement Request Form

To be eligible for the Retirement Program:

Your Membership must be paid in full. Meaning you cannot be financing your purchase with

Resort Holiday Developments Inc. under a Promissory Agreement and making monthly payments.

The balance of your Promissory Note must be paid in full.

If your Membership is paid in full please contact Club Services directly at 1-888-377-6999. You can speak to anyone in Club Services. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have with regards to the Retirement Program and the process involved.

Please be aware that this Retirement Program is only offered by Club Services at RHG Vacation Club. If you are contacted by anyone else to discuss a “Walk Away” or “Retirement Program” or to discuss your current Membership they do not represent RHG Vacation Club. If you are concerned by any calls you may receive by outside parties please contact us right away.